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At Elevar, your business is our business. Our mission is to lead organisations to peak position by driving growth and sustainability using Lean Operation principles.

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Lean approach, lasting results

Using Lean Six Sigma methods and Change Management tools, we apply proven, practical strategies that empower leadership teams and increase efficiency.

The secret to successful transformation is our holistic attitude to change. At Elevar, we focus not only on business processes and tools, but also on your business culture. Our approach has never failed; Elevar's programs have been uniquely designed by consultants that have worked with Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. Follow our formula, trust the process, and your organisation will reap the benefits. Its that simple.

Elevar has an unwavering passion for personal and professional development. We empower leaders to improve skills, inspire others, and actively craft their own future. Leaders are encouraged to create real-world impact through heightened awareness of key business principles. They also understand how their strengths can be better applied at work.
Improve team efficiency by 25%+
Our consultants have driven outstanding results with Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence, working with brands such as Coca Cola Amatil, General Motors and Mondelez. In other cases, we've saved clients $30m over 3 years, reduced costs for new projects by up to 50%, and delivered $3m of revenue in 3 months with the integration of a new system.
Increase productivity by 60%
We know what it takes to ensure long-term success. The insight we provide and the organisational change we make is guaranteed to pay dividends beyond any Elevar engagement. Not only do we help develop your vision, we also maximise resources, add value and evoke positive change through people, systems, and tools.
Experience impact beyond 12 months

Discover our programs

No matter which Lean program you choose, rest assured you will see positive change amongst teams.

Elevar Lean


Are you a business owner or senior manager looking to upskill your team? Then Evolve by Elevar is for you. Specifically designed to improve employee performance, this program brings out the best in your people and accelerates business growth.
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Elevar Lean


Are you involved in business strategy and/or change management, and have a burning issue to address? Then Transform by Elevar is for you. Specifically designed to achieve quick wins, this program delivers practical, hands-on solutions to organisations seeking to combat complexity.
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Elevar Lean


Are you a CEO or senior manager at make-or-break crossroads? Then Master by Elevar is for you. This program is specifically designed to turn your business around. It both creates and implements the fundamental change required to futureproof an organisation.
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Who is Elevar?

We are a passionate group of people with the opportunity to deliver a vision of collaboration and purpose to businesses.

We believe that every individual and every business has the ability to fulfil their ultimate potential. We thrive on partnering with leaders that are ready to take a quantum leap in their professional career. Our most fulfilling moments are when our clients realise what they've achieved. They lead their organisation with confidence and clarity. Taking someone from a place of not knowing how, to a journey of growth that's both professional and personal, is our end goal. Elevar exists to teach others how they can elevate themselves, lead others, and create their own future.